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Available Services

Fire Warden

Fire warden training is offered as a 2 hour in person (option for 2 hour virtual) class that provides information to help lead and manage fire safety procedures in workplaces. It covers the legal obligations, duties, and responsibilities of a fire warden, fire prevention techniques, risk assessment and emergency evacuation procedures. 

Facility Safety Administrator

FSA training and certification program. 2 day course (24 hours of learning content) . Certification is currently required for ALL high rise buildings in Denver by Denver Fire Department. Attendees will receive education on emergency preparedness and evacuation procedures. This program has significant benefits for building owners, occupants, visitors, and first responders: We will help teach you how to create and implement Emergency Action Plans and to train your people in the building to know, and have practiced, what to do if the worst ever happens. 

It is recommended that a minimum of two Fire Safety Administrators must successfully complete this program for each building. Each person who completes this course and its requirements will earn a course completion certificate from Shared Solutions and will recieve their licence from DFD as a Facility Safety Administrator. 

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Walk Throughs

4 Hour Minimum (Time/ Cost dependant on property) The overall fire and security assessment is a comprehensive evaluation of a building's safety measures. The assessment includes a thorough examination of fire detection and suppression systems, access control measures, and security protocols. The goal of the assessment is to identify any weaknesses or vulnerabilities in the building's fire and security systems and provide recommendations for improvement. 

Fire Extinguisher

1- 2 Hour Training Class. Fire extinguisher training is a program that educates individuals on the safe and effective use of fire extinguishers. It covers the types of fire extinguishers, the classes of fires, how to identify potential fire hazards, and the correct techniques for using fire extinguishers.


CPR is offered as a 4 hour in person class.  American Red Cross First Aid/CPR/AED Training Program. 'Train for the Moments that Matter'. The American Red Cross, always on the front lines when it comes to saving lives, is once again out front bringing the future of First Aid/CPR/AED training to you.

Our revolutionary new approach combines a new, game-changing educational model with the latest science-based advancements in lifesaving care.

Our goal? To immerse students in an interactive and hands-on environment so you can be assured your students leave with a mastery of lifesaving techniques and the confidence to act when moments matter.

Safety Awareness

Choose from our 2 or 4 hour class. Safety awareness is crucial in preventing accidents and injuries in various settings, including workplaces, public spaces, and homes. It involves being alert and mindful of potential hazards and taking necessary precautions to avoid them. Safety awareness also includes continuously updating knowledge on safety procedures, emergency response plans, and safety equipment usage. An individual's commitment to safety awareness can significantly reduce the likelihood of accidents and minimize the severity of injuries. Proper safety awareness training and education helps in building safer communities, promoting wellbeing, and saving lives.


Active Shooter Hostile Event Response

2 or 4 hour class. This active threat class is a training program designed to educate individuals and businesses on how to prepare for, respond to, and recover from an active shooter and hostile response scenario. This class covers topics such as situational awareness, communication, decision-making under pressure, and first aid.

Evacuation Drill Assistance

Allow up to 2 hours for this session. We will observe all aspects of your drill and advise on any changes or improvements that may be needed. Evacuation drills are essential to prepare individuals in case of an emergency. These drills provide an opportunity for individuals to practice evacuation procedures and to identify any potential obstacles or issues that may arise during an actual emergency. The frequency of evacuation drills varies depending on the organization, but it is recommended that they be conducted at least twice a year. 

Train Your Dog For Emergencies

1 hour Private

2 Hour group class (No Dogs)

with Mutts Nuts CO

Dog training for emergencies is an essential aspect of responsible pet ownership. It involves teaching your dog basic skills, such as coming when called, collar grabs, crate training and following general cues. These skills are vital in times of crisis, like natural disasters, medical emergencies or accidents. We use positive reinforcement techniques, such as treat. toys and praise, to encourage desired behaviors. With consistent training and practice, your dog will be better equipped to respond appropriately in times of crisis, which can save their life and yours. 

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