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What should I bring to my course?

All Classes:


Paper/ Pen

Facility Safety Administrator: 

* If available

*Current Emergency Action Plan

Any & all inspection reports (including elevator inspection)

*Property BIC card 

Photos of the following

  • Emergency Lighting System,

  • Emergency Generator System

  • Assembly Plans

  • Fire Alarm Systems

  • Fire Panels, Fire Sprinklers/ Standpipe Systems

  • Fire Pumps


Who are the courses instructors?

Our Instructors are Misty Shepherd (CEO), Christian Read CPP and Dr. Vincent C. Wincelowicz (NFPA Certified Instructor). They provide essential training and education on fire and life safety. Our team consists of experienced professionals dedicated to ensuring that individuals and businesses are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to respond to fires effectively. We offer a comprehensive curriculum, covering topics such as fire prevention, evacuation procedures, fire extinguisher use, and more. Our goal is to empower people to act swiftly and confidently in case of an emergency, ultimately saving lives and minimizing property damage. Trust Fire Life Safety Instructors for all your fire safety training needs.

Where do I go for training?

Fire Warden training is offered onsite at your own building or via Zoom if you would prefer. Our FSA (Facility Safety Administrator Classes) can be hosted at your own facility (contact us for dates/ details) or you may attend any of the available FSA courses from our events page.

What happens if I need to rebook my training course?

0-4 days prior to training class - No Refund! 
5-14 days prior to the conference - Full Refund (minus 25% administrative fee).

CONTACT US directly for rebooking information

How often is a fire drill required?

DFD requires an annual fire drill. Code DFC 405.10 Extent of evacuation. Fire and evacuation drills shall include the complete evacuation from building of all persons required to participate. It shall be a violation of this code to refuse to participate or to interfere with the Fire Department personnel conducting a fire and evacuation drill. 

How do I schedule assistance for a drill?

Time the drill will take is dependent on the size and req of your building. Drills can be scheduled with our Fire Safety trainers by contacting us directly

How long does my FSA certification last?

Once you receive your FSA certification YOU as an individual will be fully certified until Denver Fire Department adopts new IFC (International Fire Code) at which time additional modules will be needed to be taken to stay relevant and certified.

How many people can attend FSA training from our building?

FSA requirements are at least one qualified person per building (the person NOT the building gets the certification). However DFD suggests at least two for each building. Many buildings choose to send their entire team to improve compliance and safety.

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