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Fire, life safety planning and training starts here

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We believe in safety for everyone. 


Many companies lack Emergency Action Plans and training procedures leaving employees unprepared. Shared Solutions was founded in 2016 to fill that void. 

With several decades of experience in Life Safety & Security our team is here to help businesses prepare for the unexpected. We have been involved in every aspect of security and specialize in development and delivery of emergency action plans and preparedness training. 

Shared Solutions offers an array of safety training tools to help protect you and your team. But what is safety? Broadly, safety encompasses the events and procedures to protect people from an incident. While the incidents which may occur vary from business to business there are basic things you can do to be prepared.


Answer the following about your work environment: 

  • Do you have an Emergency Action Plan? 

  • Do you know where it is?

  • How many emergency exits are in the building? 

  • Do you know where they are?

  • Where is the closest fire extinguisher? Do you know how to use it? 

  • How many flights of stairs do you have to go up/down to get to your workspace?

  • How many people are working in your office right now? 

  • Where do you go if an emergency alarm sounds? 


These are just a few things to consider when faced with an emergency. If you couldn’t answer all the questions, you aren’t as safe as you think. Too often we take our safety for granted and do not plan or practice emergency responses. You need to make the time; Shared Solutions is here to help you fill it. 

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"It was a pleasure getting to meet you and being in your class.  I was expecting to be in a long and tedious training like the online version, but you were excellent in keeping it upbeat, fun, and engaging.  If I have to do another training, I will only do it in your class!"

David C.

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